Small Moments

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"sir what you did is literally 100 percent illegal"
"ok but get this: im a rich white person" 
"oh sorry about that sir" 

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Click here to watch The Daily Show’s coverage of the downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine.

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Aurora Borealis in Iceland | Maurice Lepetit

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things that should not concern u:
- the length of a woman’s skirt
- the tightness of a woman’s top
- how many people a woman has slept with

things that should concern u:
- america’s gun laws
- that u haven’t petted enough dogs today
- harry potter named a kid albus severus

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i was just showing my mom how to paste something into her text message on her phone and i was like “double tap in the the text box” “the text box” “the text box” and she was just pointing to random places on her screen that weren’t the text box and all i could think of was


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Beautiful flowers by Mary Parker

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